August 2012 : Private Certificate - N. Brennan

September 2012 : Private Certificate - M. Nieman

October 2012 : California Trip - J. Beneat

August 2013 : Solo - J. Somers

October 2013 : Flight Review - S. Faust

N.  Arena  testimonial.pdf.....December 2013 : Training - N. Arena  

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But we are not finished...this page offers more great content. We have accumulated some of the fantastic things our students have said about us and the awards we have earned. So take a look at the TESTIMONIALS & AWARDS. Finally, enjoy some photos of our Student / Renter Pilot General Aviation TRAVEL ADVENTURES.

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Airport Bases in NJ & FL

    Blairstown Airport  (1N7)

            36 Lambert Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

     Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)

​            6505 CR 674

            Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

          140 Kerrs Corner Rd.

           Blairstown, NJ  07825


Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul


AOPA_Excellence_Award_Honor_Roll_2013.pdf.....November 2013 : AOPA Excellence Award &  Honor Roll Lists for OFC & Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2013  
E._Metius_testimonial.pdf.....January 2014 : Private Certificate - E. Metius
J._Somers_testimonial_2.pdf.....May/June 2014 : Cross Country Solos - J. Somers

J.  Somers  testimonial  3.pdf.....August 2014 : Private Certificate - J. Somers
P._Baumiller_testimonial.pdf.....September 2014 : Solo - B. Baumiller
AOPA_Excellence_Award_Honor_Roll_2014.pdf.....December 2014 : AOPA Excellence Award & Honor Roll Lists for OFC & Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2014
L._Commisso_testimonial.pdf.....January 2015 : Solo - Larry Commisso

AOPO  Excellence  Award   Outstanding  2015.pdf.....December 2015 : AOPA Outstanding Flight School & Flight Instructor Awards for OFC & Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2015

M.  Hertzig testimonial.pdf.....March 2016 : Training - M. Hertzig

S.  Tamar Kohan testimonial.pdf.....May 2016 : Solo - S. Tamar Kohan

R.  Volk testimonial.pdf.....October 2016 : Flight Review - R. Volk

AOPA  Excellence  Award  Honor  Roll  2016.pdf.....October 2016 : AOPA Excellence Award & Honor Roll Lists for OFC & Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2016 

K.  Stutzer  testimonial.pdf.....July 2017 : Training - K. Stutzer

AOPA  Experience Award Distinguished School & Instructor  2017.pdf.....October 2017 : AOPA Experience Award for OFC & Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2017

P.  Baumiller testimonial.pdf.....June 2018 : Training - P. Baumiller

M. Kutch testimonial.pdf.....July 2018 : Training w/ D. Ricciardi - M. Kutch  

K. Stutzer testimonial.pdf.....July 2018 : Training w/ D. Ricciardi - K. Stutzer 

AOPA  Experience Award Distinguished School & Instructor  2018.pdf.....October 2018 : AOPA Experience Award for OFC &

Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2018

Flight Instructor of the Year 2019.pdf.....January 2019 : General Aviation Awards / FAA CFI Of the Year ABE District Award for Geoff Orlandi - YEAR 2019   

K. Stutzer testimonial.pdf.....January 2019 : Training w/ Orlandi, Ricciardi, Jaronsky - K. Stutzer


                           OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO..... AND WE HAVE GONE

      (travel pics spread throughout website; beginning 2018 we will also catalog some here)

FEBRUARY 2018.......Blairstown, NJ to Southern Pines, NC and return  (day trip)

Pilot: Dave Jaronsky       CFI: Geoff Orlandi       Acft: Piper Seneca II  (N9333K)       Purpose: Pick up Mom / Training / Time Build

                                MARCH 2018.......Blairstown, NJ to Danbury, CT and return  (day trip)

Pilot: Josh Cuppek          Acft: Piper Turbo Arrow III  (N6140H)          Purpose: A new Private Pilot visiting friend

                                 APRIL 2018........Blairstown, NJ to Tampa, FL and return (overnite trip)

Pilots: Dave Jaronsky      CFI: Geoff Orlandi            Acft: Piper Seneca II  (N9333K)            Purpose: Training / Sun-n-Fun

                                 AUGUST 2018........Blairstown, NJ to Tampa, FL and return (overnite trip)

Pilot: Vincent Orlandi    CFI: Geoff Orlandi    Pax: Barbara Orlandi    Acft: Piper Seneca II  (N9333K)     Purpose: Family Visit / Vacation

                                              APRIL 2019...….Blairstown, NJ to Tampa, FL and return (overnite trip)

Pilots: Angel Rios & Brian Hosey       CFI: Dave Jaronsky       Acft: Piper Turbo Arrow III  (N6140H)       Purpose: Training / Sun-n-Fun

Pilot: Kevin Wadsworth    CFI: David Ricciardi    Pax: Gabrielle Amuso    Acft: Cessna 172K  (N172CK)    Purpose: Training / Sun-n-Fun


                                                April 2022.......Blairstown, NJ to Tampa, FL (overnite trip)

Pilot: Fred Herman    CFI: Geoff Orlandi    Pax: Barbara Orlandi    Acft: Piper Seneca II (N9333K)   Purpose: Time Build / Open FL school


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                                              April 2021.......Blairstown, NJ to Clearwater, FL (overnite trip)

Pilot: Vincent Orlandi     CFI: Geoff Orlandi     Pax: Barbara & Max    Acft: Piper Seneca II (N9333K)     Purpose: Family Visit / Sun-n-Fun

Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      

Testimonials / Travel