How to choose between an Introductory Flight (see Training Page) and a Discovery Flight? Operating OFC for more than 11 years has revealed that some people come out for an Intro Flight but don't really want all that formality. In fact they may be overwhelmed by the volume of information thrown at them during the ground and flight portions of the drinking out of a fire hose. All they really want is to get a sense of what it feels like to pilot an airplane. So an Intro Flight is what you should choose if you are pretty sure you want to pursue flight lessons. We will follow the training syllabus on the Intro. But if you are not certain and just need a more informal training event to see if you think you will like being in a small airplane and learning to fly then a Discovery Flight is what you are looking for. No syllabus to follow, no ground school, no preflight inspection training, no briefings, just a casual flight lesson with you at the controls of an airplane! Purchase a logbook and your instructor will log the lesson if you wish. If you come away loving the Discovery Flight experience we will schedule your next step; the Intro Flight lesson following the syllabus for the certificate you seek.

WOW...Discovery flights make a unique, memorable and special GIFT IDEA that may propel someone into a new life's passion or career. So if you are looking for something to get someone you have found it!

Discovery Flights

 HOUR DISCOVERY (1 Hour     flight training lesson)

NJ/FL  PIPER J3 CUB.................$237

FL  PIPER CHEROKEE 140........$252

NJ/FL  CESSNA 172K & L...........$252

NJ  PIPER SENECA II.................$477

HALF HOUR  DISCOVERY (1/2 Hour flight training lesson)

NJ/FL  PIPER J3 CUB.................$119

FL  PIPER CHEROKEE 140........$126

NJ/FL  CESSNA 172K & L...........$126

NJ  PIPER SENECA II.................$239

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul

Discovery flights offered by ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER provide a way for you to experience flight training without the ground and preflight training that comes with our Intro Flights. These instructional flights give you a TASTE OF FLYING but also let you relax and marvel at the splendor of flight with a casual flight lesson. 

Clean, comfortable aircraft; a courteous and well trained flight instructor; and a training experience to show you how getting your pilot certificate will enhance your life...that's what you get through a Discovery Flight at OFC. This is a flight lesson with you at the controls so it can be logged. IT IS NOT AN AIR TOUR; WE DO NOT OFFER THOSE. If you desire a more formal lesson with a ground and preflight component then go with one of our Intro packages on the previous page.



Airport Bases in NJ & FL:

    Blairstown Airport  (1N7)

            36 Lambert Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

     Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)

            6505 CR 674

            Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

           140 Kerrs Corner Rd.

           Blairstown, NJ  07825

Think you may want to learn to fly but not sure what it feels like to pilot an aircraft? A Discovery Flight may be the exposure to the sky that will ignite your interest to start training for a pilot certificate. You will find all the info you need on the other pages of this website and we will be delighted to speak with you when you decide to go from your Discovery Flight into formal training.

Rates start at only $119. FLAT RATE PRICING includes everything: Aircraft, fuel, tax and CFI rate. Ride Alongs welcome when appropriate and if the student agrees.

​This is a training flight but different than an OFC Intro Package (read more info about Discovery Flights below)

Self-Paced & Accelerated Training / Career Tracks / Rental / Funds     

Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      

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