About Us

Airport Bases in NJ & FL:

    Blairstown Airport  (1N7)

            36 Lambert Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

    Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)

            6505 CR 674

            Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

           140 Kerrs Corner Rd.

           Blairstown, NJ  07825

ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER is founded upon a simple mission:  to provide you with all the opportunities we can to allow you to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE THROUGH AVIATION. To accomplish our mission we make YOU, our students, customers and friends, the PURPOSE BEHIND EVERYTHING WE DO. 

WHY SHOULD YOU FLY? the real question is WHY NOT!


***Self Discovery***

***Self Enrichment***

  ***Self Transportation***

You can think of hundreds of reasons not to do something; all you need is one good reason to do it. We are here to make flying a part of your life.

Put simply, if you want to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE in countless ways; from personal growth to practical transportation; even to new careers, then  FLY AT OFC, A NATIONAL AWARD WINNING FLIGHT SCHOOL!

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul

Geoffrey Orlandi CFI, CFII, MEI, AIGI, JD

Owner, Chief Pilot & Chief Flight Instructor




Self-Paced & Accelerated Training / Career Tracks / Rental / Funds     

If you want to experience the feeling of real freedom; the thrill of piloting an airplane; the satisfaction of mastering new skills; a new outlook on life; and an unparalleled sense of accomplishment; then you want to fly.

If you want an activity that can be used like a magic carpet for inspiring recreation and sightseeing; or like a time machine for family, personal and  business travel; then you want to fly.

Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      

Go to the Student Achievements page to see what our staff has done for others and can do for YOU!

                ...If you can afford tickets to pro sporting events then you can afford to fly

                ...If you can afford a mobile home, motorcycle, or boat then you can afford to fly       
                ...If you can afford to go out to dinner or a club once a week then you can afford to fly

                ...If you can afford skiing, tennis clubs, or golf memberships then you can afford to fly

                                              IT'S LESS EXPENSIVE THAN YOU THINK

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE                        



If you are thinking about learning to fly; DO IT...it will transform your life. You will perceive yourself in a whole new light knowing you can accomplish what you dream. You will push yourself beyond the limits you thought you had. You will forever cherish the experience of conquering the rewarding challenges of becoming a pilot. Learning to fly will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Go to the Training page for more detailed information about our Introductory Flights, flight training, and our award winning flight school and instructor. Also visit www.letsgoflying.com for more information on achieving Private, Recreational, and Sport Pilot Certification as well as other training goals.


If rather than a formal Introductory Flight you would prefer a more relaxed exposure to flying then a Discovery Flight is for you. This is a flight lesson but without the ground school, briefings, and preflight inspection training that comes with the Introductory Flight packages. While sitting in the pilot seat and learning the very basics of aircraft control you will also see that the view from the sky is unforgettable. Go to the Discovery Flights page for more detailed information about our Discovery Flights. We exist in a one dimensional world until we fly and experience life in all three dimensions. Discover flying and be inspired. 


If you want to build your skills or use an airplane for travel then become one of our students / renter pilots. Sharpen your pilot technique; travel on fantastic vacations or for business; explore places that take hours to reach by car and do it in one third the time. Our quality airplanes are here to meet your needs; and the ground, simulator, and flight instruction we provide will make you confident in your aviation knowledge and skills. Obtaining a new certificate or rating will allow you to grow and mature as a pilot. Go to the Training page for more information about advanced training.


We have had great success over the years with our self-paced flight instruction for all certificates and ratings. But times are calling many aspiring aviators to a career as a professional pilot. OFC can help you get there faster with Accelerated Flight Training programs designed to give you the course that gets you completed in the shortest time possible with a preset schedule and cost. Go to the Training page to see details about all of our accelerated training options.


 At OFC we want to do everything possible to give you the absolute broadest and most varied flight experience anywhere. So in addition to the typical training paradigm we find ways to broaden your aviation horizons. Through our various trip offerings you have the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you have acquired and experience the wonder, gratification, and excitement of GA travel. Often an overnite and at a reduced rate help make it more affordable for you to take advantage of our cross country adventures; an offering very rare among flight schools. Go to the Training page for more about these flights.

Whatever your goal, this is MY PLEDGE to you.....

I will do everything I can to deliver the most rewarding flying experience available, with emphasis on sound piloting skills, procedural discipline, broad aeronautical knowledge, and effective aeronautical decision making, all while keeping it affordable and fun.                                      Owner, Chief Pilot & Chief Flight Instructor.....Geoffrey Orlandi

Let me explain and show you how affordable, safe, rewarding and fun flying can be!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MEET THE STAFF:

GEOFFREY ORLANDI   CFI, CFII, MEI, AIGI    Owner & CEO,  Chief Flight Instructor,  Director of Operations OFC - FL

After instructing part time in Blairstown since April 22, 2011, Geoffrey opened OFC full time on September 1, 2012 to pursue his passion for teaching flight and to bring the joys of aviation to everyone he could reach. A pilot since 2000 and a flight instructor since 2007, he is FAA certificated to teach in single and multiengine airplanes, and to teach instrument flight. He is also an advanced / instrument ground instructor. Geoff has over 9200 hours across a broad range of flying experience; including flying private, commercial, skydive operations, and airline. He has accumulated over 7100 hours of flight instructing in a wide variety of airplanes, with over 18,700 accident free takeoffs & landings.

Geoff's direct contact info​:   (Cell)  201-874-5458

                                                (Email)  go@orlandiflightcenter.com 



VINCENT ORLANDI​   CFI, CFII, MEI, AIGI    Assistant Chief Flight Instructor,  Director of Operations OFC - NJ

Immediately upon graduating from a four year university Vincent gained some experience in the world of business outside of aviation. But he soon found the lure of flying, combined with the attributes of being involved in the family business at OFC, offered a more promising future as well as a more enjoyable lifestyle. Now the Assistant Chief Instructor with CFI, CFII, MEI ratings, Vincent can train you for all certificates and ratings in all OFC aircraft, and in your's as well. Vincent offers our students and customers a resource to do whatever is needed to assist in making your experience at OFC enjoyable and productive.

Vincent's direct contact info:    (Cell)  908-442-0998

​                                                     (Email)  vorlandi@kent.edu


KEVIN WADSWORTH   CFI, CFII, AIGI    Senior Flight Instructor

Kevin's first career was working as a pharmaceutical chemist. After learning of the impending pilot shortage, he saw an opportunity to pursue a long-held dream. Kevin began by practicing with flight simulators after work, and in November 2018 started his flight training at OFC. Over the next three years he flew every available weekend, culminating in the issuance of his CFI certificate in June 2022. Kevin has been preparing for the flight instructor path since his earliest flights and is excited to share his experience with OFC students. Kevin now combines his love of teaching with his position as First Officer at a Regional Airline.

Kevin's direct contact info:    (Cell)  201-704-7887   

                                                  (Email)  flighthours1500@gmail.com



JASE SMITH   CFI, CFII, MEI    Flight Instructor

Growing up near Marine Corps Station Miramar, Jase developed a love for aviation at a young age. After completing three years worth of credits toward an aeronautical engineering degree, he realized he was not applying his passion for aircraft in the manner he wanted. So he began flight training in August 2021 and became a full time student in November that year. He flew up to four hours a day for 5 days a week to pursue his certifications. Now Jase is excited to share his passion for flying with students at OFC in a professional and enjoyable environment. Jase can help you with your flight and ground training from private thru instrument and commercial.

Jase's direct contact info:    (Cell)  484-896-8416   

                                                (Email)  jaseprsmith@gmail.com


SEAN SHARMA   CFI    Flight Instructor 

Sean started his pilot training here at OFC back in 2017 when he was 15 years old. He immediately fell in love with aviation and quickly went on to earn his Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI certificates at OFC. He is currently in his final year of college studying Aerospace Engineering. Upon graduation Sean will be commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. Sean is very excited to train students where he himself first learned to fly and is hoping to pass along the knowledge and skill he has gained to his students so they too can reach their aviation goals.

Sean's direct contact info:    (Cell)  973-570-7431

                                              (Email)   seansharma4786@gmail.com



Now that you know something about us, let us bring aviation into your life!!!!!  We are large enough to have what you want and small enough to offer flexible arrangements that work within you time and budget parameters.