...If you can afford tickets to pro sporting events then you can afford to fly.

              ...If you can afford a mobile home, motorcycle, or boat then you can afford to fly.           
              ...If you can afford to go out to dinner or a club once a week then you can afford to fly.

              ...If you can afford skiing, tennis or golf then you can afford to fly.


GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE                        

If you want to experience the feeling of real freedom; the thrill of piloting an airplane; the satisfaction of mastering new skills; a new outlook on life; and an unparalleled sense of accomplishment, then you want to fly.

If you want an activity that can be used like a magic carpet for inspiring recreation; or like a time machine for family, personal or business travel, then you want to fly.

Put simply, if you want to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE in countless ways; from personal growth to practical transportation; even to new careers, then  FLY AT OFC, A NATIONAL AWARD WINNING FLIGHT SCHOOL!!!

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul


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About Us

Geoffrey Orlandi DPE, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGII, JD

Owner, Chief Pilot & Chief Flight Instructor

2019 CFI OF THE YEAR - ABE District


------ BE A PILOT...LEARN TO FLY ------

If you are thinking about learning to fly; DO IT....it will transform your life.  You will perceive yourself in a whole new light knowing you can accomplish what you dream.  You will push yourself beyond the limits you thought you had.  You will forever cherish the experience of conquering the rewarding challenges of becoming a pilot.  Learning to fly will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!  Go to the Training page for more detailed information about our Introductory Flights, flight training, and our award winning flight school and instructor.  (Also visit www.letsgoflying.com for more info on Private, Recreational, and Sport Pilot Certification & training requirements).

------ SCENIC AIR TOURS ------

If rather than learning to fly you would prefer to just sit back and experience the wonders of flight then an air tour or airplane ride is for you.  Escape from your ground bound routine and literally lift your spirits by taking a flight in our aircraft.  Tell us what you want to see and the view from the sky will be unforgettable.  These flight also make for awesome gifts that will be talked about for years to come.  We exist in a one dimensional world until we fly and experience life in all three dimensions.  Try it and be inspired!  (These flights are priced per airplane, not per person, so they are very affordable, and offered all year around).


If you want to build your skills or use an airplane for travel then become one of our students / renter pilots.  Sharpen your pilot technique; travel on fantastic vacations or for business; explore places that take hours to reach by car and do it in one third the time.  Our quality airplanes are here to meet your needs; and the ground, simulator, and flight instruction we provide will make you confident in your aviation knowledge and skills!  (Obtaining a new certificate or rating will allow you to grow as a pilot; and don't worry about ownership hassles when we have top notch airplanes for rent).


Commercial piloting services may be what you desire to accomplish personal or business objectives.  We can disburse the ashes of a deceased loved one or pet through an Aerial Burial; take photos of your home or business with Aerial Photography; reposition your airplane on a Ferry Flight; help you purchase or sell an airplane; and more.  Just talk with us about your needs and objectives; our goal is to get it done for you! (Take advantage of the services we are prepared to provide and get your personal or business goals accomplished).

------ DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER ------         

It is the ultimate culmination of an exciting and rewarding flight instructing career to have the honor and privilege of being selected by the FAA to represent it in the testing of pilot applicants as a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).  If you have the need for Geoff's services as a DPE he will treat you with the upmost professionalism, fairness, and integrity. You will come away truly earning your certification; or understanding that more work is required to achieve the status of a certificated aviator.

Whatever your goal, this is MY PLEDGE to you.....

I will do everything I can to deliver the most rewarding flying experience available, with emphasis on sound piloting skills, procedural discipline, broad aeronautical knowledge, and effective aeronautical decision making, all while keeping it affordable and fun.               Owner, Chief Pilot & Chief Flight Instructor..... Geoffrey Orlandi

Let me explain and show you how affordable, safe, rewarding and fun flying can be!


GEOFFREY ORLANDI  DPE, CFII, MEI     Owner, Chief Pilot & Instructor

After instructing part time in Blairstown since April 22, 2011, Geoffrey established OFC on September 1, 2012 to pursue full time his passion for teaching flight and to bring the joys of aviation to everyone he could reach.  A pilot since 2000 and a flight instructor since 2007, he is FAA certificated to teach in single and multiengine airplanes, and to teach instrument flight.  He is also an advanced and instrument ground instructor.  Geoff has over 7500 hours across a broad range of flying experience; including flying private, commercial, skydive operations, and airline.  He has accumulated over 5600 hours of flight instructing in a wide variety of airplanes, with over 15,100 accident free takeoffs & landings.

Geoff's direct contact info:    on all pages of this website



RYAN FERGUSON   DPE, ATP, CFII, MEI     Senior Pilot & Instructor

Although Ryan is an international captain for a Fortune 50 company, his first love is flight instructing, tailwheel flying and aerobatics.  Ryan's background includes six years as the Chief Pilot of a busy multi-jet flight department, as well as a wealth of teaching experience.  He has taught in dozens of GA airplanes, plus jets and helicopters.  An active FAASTeam Rep. and light twin owner, Ryan is passionate about improving aviation safety.  After 10,800 accident free hours, Ryan's approach to flight instructing is to bring professionalism into every flight without sacrificing any of the fun.

Ryan's direct contact info:    (Cell)  201-247-2873

                                                 (Email)  floridapilot@gmail.com

DAVID RICCIARDI   CFII, MEI     Assistant Chief Pilot & Instructor


Originally pursuing a career in engineering, David changed his

life path to fulfill his dreams in aviation.  After discovering his

love for teaching as a college student, he decided to become a Flight Instructor to share his passion for flying with others.  He graduated with his degree in Physics, and applies his knowledge to help students further their overall understanding of flight principles.  David takes great pride in professionalism and safety, as well as the personal success of each individual to whom he offers flight instruction.  Ultimately David strives to uphold OFC's values of providing the highest quality flight training available.

David's direct contact info:    (Cell)  718-612-5339  

                                                  (Email)  davidmricciardi@aol.com


Dave is OFC's newest flight instructor but he has been here the longest of all our staff because he is our most accomplished student.  Dave began taking flying lessons with us during high school and obtained his Private while in college.  But the lure of aviation would not subside so instead of a career in his college field of study Dave decided to pursue professional piloting. Dave continued his aviation quest by training here all the way through for his Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, and his Flight Instructor Certification.  Now Dave transitions from the role of student to instructor as he helps our students succeed, as he has.

Dave's direct contact info:    (Cell)  908-798-1356

                                                 (Email)  djjaronsky@hotmail.com

Now that you know something about us, let us bring aviation into your life!!!!!  We are large enough to have what you want and small enough to offer flexible arrangements that work within you time and budget parameters



ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER is founded upon a simple mission:  to provide you with all the opportunities we can to allow you to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE THROUGH AVIATION.  To accomplish our mission we make YOU, our students, customers and friends, the PURPOSE BEHIND EVERYTHING WE DO

WHY SHOULD YOU FLY? the real question is WHY NOT!


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