Airport Bases in NJ & FL:

    Blairstown Airport  (1N7)

            36 Lambert Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

     Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)

            6505 CR 674

            Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

           140 Kerrs Corner Rd. 

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

​​​​​​​​​​​Payments by check, cash, credit card, or funds on account. For credit card payments, due to credit card bank processing fees, 3% for card and 4% for manual entry will be added to the total.

Click below for Rate Schedule           

OFC Rate Schedule 5-'24.pdf      

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Pilot Shop Price List 2-'24.pdf   

ATTENTION:  Be aware that for the utmost transparency in pricing, all the rates you find on this website include charges for fuel and tax and all other applicable aircraft overhead that go into a rental fee. We have it structured that way so you do not get surprised by any hidden fees and the rate we quote you is the actual amount you pay. I hope you find that refreshing when compared to operators that keep you in the dark until the invoice is presented to you. 

Rates for some services must be set based upon the specifics of the intended operation. If you don't see a rate for what you want just ask. All rates subject to change without notice. Please see rates set forth on website for most current information.

The links below should provide you with the forms you need; if you can't find what you want just let us know:


Flying & Training.pdf   Flying & Training  (read before Intro Flight)
Learn to Fly Handout.pdf   Learn To Fly Handout  (read before Intro Flight)
Introductory Flight.pdf  Introductory Flight Handout  (read before Intro Flight)


Flight Training App & Rental Agreement.pdf  Flight Training Application & Rental Agreement (bring when signing up for  training / rental)Primary students and those seeking new certificate or rating please bring passport or birth cert and ID.


Two options are at  and at  Renters insurance application forms can be found at these links:  SINGLE ENGINE  Renter's Ins. App. (SE).pdf.   MULTIENGINE  Renter's Ins. App. (ME).pdf.  Additional options are at and at  global-aero.comRenters insurance can be obtained for a year term. Alternatively, you can select monthly, weekly, or daily coverage if you prefer. Renter's Insurance is needed before solo, rental, and checkride. Please go to Rental Fleet page for info on the importance of this coverage and the minimum $50K hull coverage required.



Airplanes: How They Fly          Basic Flight Maneuvers          Mnemonics Checklists          Checklists: Go with the Flow

Checklists: The Ultimate Backup          Training Efficiently          Learning to Love Stalls          Don't Quit Stalling     

Understanding Angle of Attack          PreSolo Written          Pre XC Solo Written          Flying Light Twins Safely          Navigation Log          Dispatch Release    


Private, Rec., Sport          Instrument Rating          Tailwheel Endorsement          Please ask about other program Curriculums


1940  Piper J3C-85 Cub  (N26719)........W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH

1947  Piper J3C-65 Cub  (N1500N).......W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH

1969  Cessna 172K  (N172CK)..............W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH      430W Manual

1971  Cessna 172L  (N7833G)...............W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH      430W Manual

1972  Cessna 172L  (N7040Q)...............W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH      650Xi Manual      G5 Manual

1974  Piper Cherokee 140  (N56870).....W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH      530W Manual

​1976  Piper Seneca II  (N9333K)............W&B      Flight Plan form      Checklist      POH      530W Manual      430W Manual      




FUNDS ON ACCOUNT & ACCELERATED PROGRAMSFunds can be used for flight, ground, merchandise, or transferred. If OFC deems return of funds is warranted it will be less discounts applied and less 20% of refundable amount, capped at $2000, rebook fee. Refund processing times vary given budget, cash flow, etc. For financing refund policy see Funding page 

Policies / Handouts


Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      

Self-Paced & Accelerated Training / Career Tracks / Rental / Funds     

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul

We offer both self-paced and accelerated fee structures, and we can also design a program with your personal needs in mind. Unlike many other training centers, we have the flexibility to set an hourly or flat rate that recognizes your level of time and financial commitment.

We greatly value and recognize your dedication and loyalty to us and your other financial obligations so we want to reward you with discounts and incentives, including:

Families.....ground school fee reduction

Free Ride Alongs.....on training flights where appropriate

Time Building and Specialty Flights.....go to Training page for more information


The rates and fees at ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER are designed with the goal of making sure flying is as affordable as it can be. Contrary to some popular opinion, it is less expensive than you may think. If you can afford other items or activities (like dining out once a week, vacations, a boat, motorhome, skiing, golf or tennis memberships, to name a few) then you can afford flying. And the amount you spend on flying is not a cost, it is an INVESTMENT in an education that is similar to investing in a college degree course or professional license. Remember also that:

        - flying is easy to budget because you can dictate how often you want to fly
        - no large layout of funds is needed because you can pay as you go
        - you don't bind yourself to do anything you can't because you can stop or slow             down if life or other financial obligations requires it