Rental Fleet

N26719  1940 Piper J3C-85 Cub  (Tailwheel, Sport, primary & advanced training, dual only)

N1500N  1947 Piper J3C-65 Cub  (Tailwheel, Sport, primary & advanced training, dual only)

A WORD ABOUT OUR AIRCRAFT PRICE STRUCTURE.  If you are shopping around that is understandable and expected. But be sure to accurately compare rates for a valid comparison. Some flight schools don't publish rates. Others do but the rate is not what you will pay out the door due to hidden charges. We incorporate all charges into the quoted aircraft price so you do not need to wonder what additional charges will be added or calculate for fuel and tax. You will see that OFC aircraft rates are the best in the industry when compared to other programs with hidden fees or less quality aircraft. Our transparent price structure makes it easy for you to know exactly what you will pay for the airplane. If using an instructor just add the applicable CFI rate and you are good to go. 


             Aircraft         Equipment & Rates  (per hour wet includes also included)         Base

N26719   1940 Piper J3C-85 Cub​   Handheld Intercom, Com Radio, Sentry In....................$149  FL 

N1500N   1947 Piper J3C-65 Cub   Handheld Intercom, Com Radio, Stratus In..................$149  NJ 

N56870   1974 Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser   IFR, 530W, ADS-B Out, Sentry In..................$149  FL 
N172CK   1969 Cessna 172K   IFR, 430W, AP, Aux. Fuel, Power Flow, ADS-B Out & In.....$169  NJ

​N7040Q   1972 Cessna 172L   IFR, 650Xi, G5 AI, G5 HSI, ADS-B Out, Sentry In................$169  NJ  

N9333K   1976 Piper Seneca II​   IFR, 430W, 530W, AP, FIKI, ADS-B Out, Sentry In............$389  NJ / $359  FL  
Redbird JAY Flight Simulator....................................................................................................$29  NJ  


               ***If the flight will be a training or checkout then add applicable CFI rate from Training page***   

​                   ***Be aware if aircraft has both NJ & FL rate it's because it can serve both bases***

Self-Paced & Accelerated Training / Career Tracks / Rental / Funds     

THE FLEET:   Our airplanes and flight simulator...

N9333K  1976 Piper Seneca II   (multiengine, complex, high performance, IFR, night, rental) 

GENERAL RENTAL INFO:  Please refer to the Rental Agreement (found on Forms / Handouts page) for terms and conditions applicable to all aircraft rentals. The Chief Pilot may modify or waive terms where appropriate. The online scheduling system (Flight Schedule Pro - FSP) allows rentals from 8 am to 6 pm and for a 2 hour maximum. Please speak to OFC staff if you seek off hours or a longer term (extended) rental. The process is summarized below:

TO RECEIVE RENTAL PRIVILEGES:       -  Schedule Aircraft Checkout for each make and model and for day, night, IFR

                                                                   -  Obtain POH, W&B, and Checklist for desired aircraft

                                                                   -  Obtain Renter's Insurance  (minimum $50,000 aircraft damage "hull" coverage) ​

TO REMAIN CURRENT FOR RENTAL:    -  Rental Proficiency Check (RPC) within 3 calendar months preceding month                                                                              of rental in each make and model for day, night, and/or IFR rental privileges


Please go to Forms / Handouts page for renter's insurance policy applications.

Please note OFC Insurance coverage automatically provides qualified Renters with $100,000 liability coverage, BUT flight school insurance customarily does not provide renters with aircraft damage (hull) coverage. Protect yourself with renter's coverage just like I do when in a non-owned aircraft. Yes I carry the same renter's insurance I require of my renters! Attention aircraft owners: you may have some rental aircraft coverage through your personal aircraft should check with your agent because if so you do not need a separate renter's coverage policy.

Why do I need renter's insurance? Please read this link.....Why Renter's Insurance.pdf

Redbird JAY Flight Simulator  (yoke, throttle, rudder pedals, many aircraft, all wx conditions)

N56870  1974 Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser  (primary & advanced training, IFR, night, rental)

N7040Q  1972 Cessna 172L  (primary & advanced training, IFR, night, rental)

N172CK  ​1969 Cessna 172K  (primary & advanced training, IFR, night, rental)

Airport Bases in NJ & FL:

    Blairstown Airport  (1N7)

           36 Lambert Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

     Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)

            6505 CR 674

            Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

           140 Kerrs Corner Rd.

            Blairstown, NJ  07825

Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      

ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER selects only the highest quality aircraft for our fleet. They must be dependable, safe, well maintained, comfortable, clean, and attractive. We receive compliments that our airplanes are superior to what you can find at other flight schools or clubs, and at better rates. And our fleet is about as varied as it gets; with SINGLE ENGINE, MULTIENGINE, LIGHT SPORT, and TAILWHEEL. 

Use our airplanes for your personal and business travel and your recreational flying, or receive insightful, real world training to reach your aviation goals and broaden your piloting knowledge. Whatever your reason, contact us for a rental checkout so you can have convenient access to our aircraft with daily and overnight rentals to satisfy your flying desires. METICULOUSLY PRIVATE OWNED aircraft available to you.