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ACCELERATED TRAINING is here :  Since OFC's founding we have provided unmatched self-paced flight training. But with more and more pilots seeking professional flying careers we now offer another track...accelerated programs to get you to your aviation goals within defined cost and time parameters. See details on the Training page or ask Geoff for info.

Completely TRANSPARENT Rate Structure:  Be very careful in comparing flight school rates because the devil is in the details. A rate may sound good until you find out it does not contain hidden fees like fuel and taxes. All OFC rates are inclusive of all charges so the rate you see is the rate you get out the door. All fuel and tax charges are incorporated into the aircraft rate so you are all set if renting and just need to add your instructor's rate for lessons.   

FLORIDA BASE has third new AIRPLANE:   Our Florida location near Tampa, Wimauma Air Park (FD77), is growing rapidly. It's a throwback to the roots of aviation; a grass field with a warm and friendly environment for flying. Joining our iconic J3C-85 Cub is a Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser and a Cessna 172K Skyhawk. OFC offers all ratings at this location. 

FINANCING is now at OFC:   OFC is happy to partner with two student funding sources; Stratus Financial and Flight Training Finance. Through our partnerships with these entities, OFC now has resources available for students in need of flight training financing. Offered in both Florida and New Jersey. See details on the Funding page or ask Geoff for info.

CAREER TRACKS are available:   OFC can compete with the huge flight schools to offer you training from initial pilot certification thru flight instructor certifications. And you will get a true piloting education that will take you anywhere.

OFC has FREE online SCHEDULING:   Upon enrollment with us you will receive a login invite to use this convenient tool.

Looking for INSTRUCTORS to join our crew:   Come instruct at the school with a reputation for doing it right.


Congratulations to these OFC students for reaching their goals and training milestones within the last few months (go to our Student Achievements page for more success stories)​: 

Michael Gottfried on passing the Private Pilot Checkride; Rich Motyka on passing the Instrument Rating Checkride; Louis Primerano on his 1st Solo; Kenneth Herbeck on his 1st Solo; Steven Myers on his 1st Solo; Chad Bardsley on earning the Tailwheel Endorsement; Grace-Elleda Gonzalez on her 1st Solo; Sean Sharma on passing the CFI Checkride; Rocky Breslow on passing the Commercial Pilot Multiengine Checkride; Jared Santana on his 1st Solo, Abigail Lester on her 1st Solo; Sarah Crosby on her 1st Solo; Chad Obert, Jr on earning the High Performance Endorsement; Efe Ozgun on his 1st Solo; Paul Sipos on earning the Complex & High Performance Endorsements; Paul Sipos on his 1st Solo; Erich Marschall on earning the Complex & High Performance Endorsements; Eric Borghi on earning the Complex & High Performance Endorsements; Christopher Giordano on passing the Instrument Rating Checkride; Tim Johnson on passing the Commercial Pilot Multiengine Checkride; Jake Pellikan on passing the Commercial Pilot Multiengine Checkride; Sheena Masters on earning the Complex & High Performance Endorsements; Chad Obert, Jr on earning the Tailwheel Endorsement; Beau Gardner on his 1st Solo; Louis Primerano on passing the Private Pilot Checkride; Daniel Krochta on his 1st Solo;  Steven Myers on his Long Cross Country Solo; Abigail Lester on passing the Private Pilot Checkride; Sarah Keyes Beck on passing the Commercial Pilot Checkride; Joseph Kimmeth on earning the Tailwheel Endorsement; Brendan Exner on his Cherokee Solo; Beau Gardner on his Skyhawk Solo; Jeo Riberal on his Cherokee Solo; Steven Blannard on his 1st Solo; Sheena Masters on passing the Commercial Pilot Multiengine Checkride; Tyler McAlpine on passing the Commercial Pilot Multiengine Checkride; Sandor Gecsey on his 1st Solo; Henry Kozlik on his 1st Solo   


Welcome to our newest students / renters​:

Edgar Navida,  Nick Lippa,  Osvaldo Castillo,  Justin Mild,  Kevin Ackerman,  Sofiya Filimonchuk,  Kingsley Adah,  Arthur Biedukiewicz,  Thomas Scarince,  Timothy Fay,  Mike Alves,  Peter Duda,  Kaila Hess,  Neil Enman,  Kathy Harris,  Sam DeGregoris,  Kiersten Kidd,  Lance Miller,  Trevor Free,  Victor Williams,  Kaleb Williams,  Gabe Gutner                     

Credit Cards Accepted: (chip or magstripe cards)    

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Mobile Device Payments Accepted:

Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.                  
(transactions 3% per dip/swipe; 4% per manual entry)   

Airport Bases in NJ & FL:

    Blairstown Airport   (1N7)

           36 Lambert Rd.

           Blairstown, NJ  07825

    Wimauma Air Park  (FD77)   

           6505 CR 674

           Wimauma, FL  33598

Mailing Address:

           140 Kerrs Corner Rd.

           Blairstown, NJ  07825

Self-Paced & Accelerated Training / Career Tracks / Rental / Funds     

We are a full service pilot training organization eager to do what we can to help you accomplish anything you desire in aviation. Open FULL TIME and ALL YEAR AROUND allows us to serve the needs of our valued students and renters. OFC has two bases to serve you; at Blairstown Airport (1N7) in New Jersey and Wimauma Air Park (FD77) in Florida. Both locations offer a diverse rental fleet at great prices. 

What sets us apart is our wealth of aviation EXPERIENCE; conveyed to you through PERSONALIZED flight training; encompassed within a culture of EXCELLENCE. Whether you pursue a self-paced or accelerated program, the curriculum will lead to success unmatched elsewhere. Our programs speak for themselves with an unmatched record of checkride passes. Explore these pages to learn more.    

Single Engine,  Multiengine,  Light Sport,  Tailwheel      


 .........WHERE TO FIND US.........

                        Wimauma Air Park (FD77)                                                Blairstown Airport (1N7)

                     Florida Base                                           New Jersey Base


Convenient and flexible payment methods

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