Applicant:   David D'Ambrosio (L)

Date:   September 3, 2019

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Instrument Rating

Applicant:   Kemar Newell

Date:   October 15, 2019

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Instrument Rating


AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  Do you have the need for an aerial photograph to market your home or business, or perhaps an investment property or important location needs to be documented from above for purposes of a presentation or use in court? Whatever the reason, photographs taken from our aircraft will speak a thousand words. We can do the flying and leave the photography to you or we can provide the aircraft, pilot and photographer.

FERRY FLIGHTS:  Need to move an airplane? We have a wide range of experience flying numerous makes and models.

AIRCRAFT PURCHASE & SALE:  Thinking about buying or selling an airplane? Talk to us for some advise and services to make your experience seamless and trouble free.

PILOT RATES:  $50/hr. (add $10/hr. for Asst. Chief / Senior Pilot; add $20/hr. for Chief Pilot; add $5/hr. Tailwheel / Multi)

Layover Time at 20% of above rates

Plus expenses for travel and lodging

Applicant:   Fox Wihlborg

Date:   January 15, 2020

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Private Single Engine

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul

1st Checkride Success Story...

Applicant:   Thomas Tolento (L)

Date:   July 2, 2019

Location:   Blairstown, NJ (1N7)

Cert/Rating:   Instrument Rating

Applicant:   Luigi Arguelles (L)

Date:   November 5, 2019

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Private Pilot Single Engine

Applicant:   Joe Luzzi (L)

Date:   July 16, 2019

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Commercial Single Engine 

DPE / Commercial Services

Applicant:   Jude Dominic Cosare (L)

Date:   February 3, 2020

Location:   Morristown, NJ (MMU)

Cert/Rating:   Instrument Rating

Whatever your need for commercial piloting services just let us know and we will try to help you and offer you a rate quote tailored to the situation.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                         DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER (DPE) SERVICES AT OFC:


                                                                                     SOME QUICK FACTS to help you determine if I am the appropriate  

                                                                                     DPE for your needs.

                                                                                     Practical Tests (Checkrides) conducted for the following:

                                                                                     Certificate Grades........Sport,  Recreational,  Private,  Commercial 

                                                                                     Category........Airplane         Class........Single and Multi Engine Land

                                                                                     Ratings........Instrument Airplane 

                                                                                                 ...…..Single and Multi Engine Land add ons


                                                                                     Test Locations:

                                                                                      At OFC or a nationwide location of the applicant's choosing, subject to                                                                                         applicable travel surcharge

                                                                                     How I better serve my practical test applicants:

                                                                                      Scheduling and payment for checkrides can be difficult. You may have                                                                                         a hard time getting a test date; payment terms may be inconvenient; you may be required to incur the time and expense of travel to the test location; you may have difficulty finding an examiner who will do the test in certain aircraft, including tailwheel. Then on test day you may be delayed due to weather, which can lead to a cancellation so the DPE can keep an afternoon appointment with another applicant. Finally, getting on the DPE's calendar for an initial test, a reschedule, a continuance, or a retest can take weeks, sometimes months. To help avoid all these significant challenges I offer the following: 1. prompt checkride scheduling2. weekday and weekend testing,​  3. many acceptable forms of payment available4. travel to your location if desired5. various aircraft, including tailwheel, acceptable, 6. prioritization of your test by scheduling only one initial practical test per day which provides more flexibility to minimize the chances that a delay for weather or other factors precludes completion of your checkride that day, and  7. reschedules, continuances and retests receive a new date within the week​ whenever possible. In summary, conducting practical tests is not my side job; it is my primary job so scheduling and completing your checkride will be my focus!


Want to hear the opinions of others? Go to DPErating.com. While not endorsing that website, in an effort to be transparent I alert you to it. Like any survey, everyone has their own opinion, but not always based on facts. Go to the end of this page for more about it.

*** If the above sounds good & you would like to take a Practical Test with me please read all the information below; it is detailed and designed to answer all questions ***


To schedule your checkride simply complete and send to me the Practical Test Appointment Request form; just click here Practical Test Appointment Request.pdf. If it is not convenient or possible to fill in the form you can type the info in an email to me or even call me to provide the info by phone if necessary. Also, please feel free to stop in at OFC and see me. It is my desire to help make scheduling your checkride as hassle free as possible. Once I have the information asked for in the Appointment Request form I can review it to determine if I can conduct your checkride and get your test scheduled for the date and location you prefer, if possible. In the event I am unable to conduct the practical test on your requested date(s) and/or location I will advise you accordingly so we may find another acceptable date and location. In deciding where you would like the test to be administered you can choose between you coming to me or I will travel to your preferred location. I can't take the next action, including advise you of the checkride fee and the Cross Country / Weight & Balance Assignments until I have the Appointment Request form info so please send it to me as soon as possible.  


Congratulations for getting to this point. As a professional CFI my student success is my number one priority. As a DPE I want you and your instructor to achieve success as well; in fact it is expected because your endorsements say you are ready to meet the required knowledge, risk management and skill as expressed in the ACS / PTS, regulations, handbooks, etc. So surprise is not a good thing because when you surprise an examiner you diverge from the expected performance. Adhering to the following will help eliminate surprises and unsatisfactory results that can occur from lack of preparation or understanding, or from stress and intimidation the process can cause. Please contact me if you need any further explanation or discussion to understand the practical test process: 

      - while its easy to say "don't be nervous" the fact is that the checkride, like any test, puts you under pressure to perform. To help stay relaxed look at the practical as your day to shine by demonstrating the knowledge, decision making, and skills you have acquired. The standards don't require perfection; if they did no one would pass. So the DPE is not looking for perfection, just adherance to standards. You should only have earned the checkride endorsements after having shown that you can consistently complete each task, within tolerances, and while maintaining safety. The practical determines if you can do it under pressure. It's called a checkride because it should be an objective check to formally confirm you meet certification criteria as prescribed in the applicable ACS / PTS

      - my responsibility is to objectively evaluate. Without compromising that duty I certainly want you to succeed. So be prepared and organized, get a good rest, be well nourished, focus on the tasks at hand...then let your training kick in by flying the aircraft proficiently, answering questions succinctly, and demonstrating effective aeronautical decision making. If you do that I will be pleased to issue your Temporary Airman Certificate. And take some pressure off yourself by putting it in perspective; if things don't go so well that is not the end of your flying career by any stretch; it just means you need additional training so that your deficiencies are corrected before certification

      - follow the Applicant Practical Test Checklist found within the appropriate ACS / PTS; it states clearly what needs to be brought to the practical test and it is there to help you avoid being unprepared; and don't forget food and drink

      - read, study and understand the ACS / PTS from cover to cover; that document is your "open book test" and constitutes the basis upon which the practical will be conducted and the standards you will be required to meet to pass, as mandated by the FAA, and thus earn your Temporary Airman Certificate. The ACS sets forth what an applicant should KNOW, CONSIDER, & DO to result in satisfactory performance. If you don't know the answer to a question, offer where it can be looked up; if you deviate from standards during a maneuver, correct promptly

      - for a full test (not retest or continuance) be prepared to devote the full day to the practical test

      - a practical test consists of four parts: Pretest Briefing & Eligibility Review; Test begins with Ground Portion; Preflight Briefing & Flight Portion; Test concludes with Documentation & Debrief

      - once a practical test begins it must conclude with one of three possible documents issued: Temporary Airman Certificate; Notice of Disapproval; or Letter of Discontinuance

      - oral testing continues throughout the ground and flight portions of the checkride

​      - all testing is conducted in the English language therefore the applicant must be English language proficient

      - if using an EFB the geo referencing (ownship, flight track, distance rings, etc.) must be deactivated

      - IACRA is the preferred method of processing applications and the link is found at faa.gov; click on Licenses & Certificates, Airmen Certification, then find the link under Online Services

      - it is advisable to have a paper back up of your 8710 if it becomes necessary. You can find a fillable 8710-1 or 8710-11 (Sport Pilot) at faa.gov. Type the form number in the search box on the top right of the home page

      - in accordance with FAA Order, no individual except the applicant,

examiner, Aviation Safety Inspectors and designees in training are                 

permitted to observe the practical test                                                           

      -in a further effort to maintain your confidentiality and the                            

integrity of the testing process, absolutely no recording of the                         

practical test is permitted                                                                                 

      - all reasonable efforts will be made to complete the test in                 

one day but this will not be accomplished if it would compromise

safety or the conduct of a complete examination

      - your exercise of Sound Piloting Skills, Procedural Discipline,

Broad Aeronautical Knowledge, and Effective Aeronautical Decision

Making are evaluated throughout the practical test 

      - you will be the PILOT IN COMMAND for the flight, even if the

need should arise for me to take the controls. In such a situation I

will be the pilot flying but you will remain the PIC throughout the

entire flight

      - as your DPE conducting the practical, I will be acting as a

private individual serving as a representative of the FAA to

determine whether you are qualified for the certificate or rating

sought pursuant to FAA requirements and standards.

      - My personal preferences are irrelevant; the objective standards set out in the ACS / PTS are controlling. Likewise, while you may prefer certain techniques and operations, anything that the certificate you seek would permit is subject to testing within the parameters of the aircraft operating limitations 

      - the fees for DPE activities are for my time and expert professional services to you, not for the issuance of a Temporary Airman Certificate; therefore I cannot guarantee any outcome but I can guarantee you will receive the upmost professionalism, fairness, and integrity so you will either earn your certificate or understand why further training is required, after which a retest can be conducted for the areas and tasks deemed unsatisfactory  

     - my 3 pillars of flying: (1) You will make mistakes, so stay within the safety envelope and learn from them; (2) Always fly the airplane; (3) Smile...flying should be fun. Keep these pillars in mind during your checkride and beyond

AN EXPLANATION ABOUT SCENARIOS.....SCENARIOS, they invoke agitation in some checkride applicants; but they shouldn't. In response to my flight planning assignments I sometimes hear responses like "I would never fly there; I just fly local; that airspace is too complicated; I will be over gross weight; I have never taken passengers; I won't get to the destination within the time constraints given; etc. Those may all be legitimate concerns, which are presented through the scenario because, just like you, DPEs are governed by the ACS. Please refer to ACS Appendix 5 under Evaluator Responsibilities, wherein it states examiners "must include a scenario that evaluates as many of the required Areas of Operation and Tasks as possible." Including all that in a scenario requires complications and a longer trip than what you may be accustomed to. While you won't make the flight during the checkride, to simply resist the scenario because it is beyond your present comfort level defeats the purpose of scenario based testing; which is to present real world challenges that must be managed. The certificate you seek gives you the privileges to make the flight. The key is to use effective aeronautical decision making to adjust for any illegal operations or unacceptable risk while still allowing the trip to be accomplished. A prepared pilot will work the problem to make the flight legal, safe, and within the limitations of the airman and the aircraft. So in short the scenario presents a realistic trip for your desired certificate level but with potential impediments and no go factors. If you see such issues deal with them as you would if the flight were presented to you after you are certificated. As PIC make changes needed to conduct the flight; maybe someday you will actually fly the trip you plan!

DPE FEE SCHEDULE​:     (subject to change; fee and payment method will be confirmed with applicant prior to exam)

​My fees are generally comparable to other DPEs; especially when you compare and consider all the EXTRA VALUE you are receiving as explained in my 7 reasons listed above under "How I better serve my practical test applicants." Many other examiners don't offer those seven significant advantages, which serve you well but cost me time and money so the fee structure is designed to reflect that. Please understand I have blocked out and devoted a good part (if not all) of the day to conduct YOUR checkride therefore the fees are paid at the commencement of the practical test appointment and prior to conducting any testing. Fees are non-refundable! Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled test start time (other than for weather) are subject to a cancellation fee as set forth below. I do not want to have to impose cancellation fees; keeping me informed of any issues as test day approaches and coming prepared on checkride day is the best way to avoid a cancellation fee. Many students are looking for checkrides, so the appointment time wasted by a cancellation could have been used by another applicant if a cancellation had been timely. Please let me know if you have any questions about these policies and the fees for your practical test. 

Acceptable payment methods are Cash or Guaranteed Funds (Cashier's or Treasurer's Check); Personal or Business Check (w / $150 non cash or guaranteed funds surcharge); Credit Card (w / $150 non cash or guaranteed funds surcharge & convenience fee). Examiner has discretion to require cash or guaranteed funds only.


Sport Pilot Airplane:   $725

Recreational Pilot Airplane:   $725

Private Pilot Airplane:   $750 Single Engine Land                   $850 Multi Engine Land 

Commercial Pilot Airplane:   $750 Single Engine Land           $850 Multi Engine Land 

Instrument Rating Airplane:   $750 in Single Engine               $850 in Multi Engine

Single or Multi Engine Add On  (adding class at same grade of certificate):   $650 Single Engine     $750 Multi Engine  

Retest after Failure from another examiner  (within 60 days of Notice of Disapproval):   $500 minimum*

Retest after Failure from me  (within 60 days of Notice of Disapproval):   $450 minimum*

Continuance from another examiner  (within 60 days of Letter of Discontinuance):   $500 minimum**

Continuance from me  (within 60 days of Letter of Discontinuance):   $450 minimum**

Cancellation Fee  (applies to cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled checkride start time):   $300 minimum***

Travel Surcharge  (test not at 1N7):   $50 w/in 25 nm; $100 w/in 50 nm; $150 w/in 75 nm; plus 75 nm request quote****     Airport Surcharge:  (applicable costs and airport fees)   Amount varies by airport****

Additional Aircraft Surcharge  (using more than one aircraft on the test):   $150 each additional aircraft

Tailwheel Aircraft Surcharge  (using tailwheel aircraft on the test):   $100

Non use of IACRA Surcharge  (using paper 8710 application):   $150

Other than Cash or Guaranteed Funds Surcharge  (paying with other than Cash, Cashier's or Treasurer's Check)   $150

Credit Card Surcharge  (convenience fee for use of credit card):   3% per dip/swipe; 4% per manual entry

Administrative Applications:  Student Pilot Certificate   $150;   all others $250 minimum for each application

Fee & Surcharge Details...

*RETEST FEE:  For a retest after failure within 60 days of Notice of Disapproval from another examiner, the fee is $500 or 50% of full test fee, whichever is greater. If the retest is within 60 days for an NOD issued by me the fee is $450 or 45% of full test fee, whichever is greater. In either situation a fee up to the full test fee may be required based upon what remains to be completed. The full test fee applies to all retests if conducted after 60 days from NOD.

**CONTINUANCE FEE:  For the continuation of a practical test within 60 days of Letter of Discontinuance from another examiner, the fee is $500 or 50% of full test fee, whichever is greater. If the continuance is within 60 days for a LOD issued by me the fee is $450 or 45% of full test fee, whichever is greater. In either situation a fee up to the full test fee may be required based upon what remains to be completed. The full test fee applies to all tests conducted after 60 days from LOD.

***CANCELLATION FEE:  Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled practical test start time (except for weather) are subject to a $300 fee. For cancellations less than 24 hours prior to scheduled checkride start time the fee is a percentage of the full checkride fee, as follows: Less than 24 hours prior the fee is 50% of full checkride fee; less than 12 hours prior the fee is 75% of full checkride fee; on test day (applicant cancels, no shows, arrives too late to begin, is found ineligible, has an unairworthy aircraft or lack or required items, OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON, including forecast weather, is unable or unwilling to begin the test) then the fee is 100% of full checkride fee, plus surcharges if applicable. A cancellation is only effective as of the time the applicant advises me of the cancellation by email, text, or speaks with me directly. Avoid a cancellation fee by keeping me informed if you think you may cancel and being ready to go on the date of the practical test.

****TRAVEL & AIRPORT SURCHARGES:  Above fee schedule is based upon conducting the practical test at Blairstown Airport (1N7). A travel surcharge will be imposed based upon the distance from 1N7 plus costs if the practical test is held at another airport; as well as an airport surcharge to cover expenses imposed by the airport FBO for landing, ramp, parking, or other necessary services incurred for the use of their facilities.  




                               BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ON YOUR CHECKRIDE


                                              RECENT CHECKRIDE SUCCESS STORIES                                  

Mailing address:
140 Kerrs Corner Rd.
Blairstown, NJ 07825

Applicant:   Maximilian Apel (L)

Date:   December 20, 2019

Location:   Caldwell, NJ (CDW)

Cert/Rating:   Private Pilot Single Engine

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Be aware that website allows anyone to post with anonymity and without any verification of the content. The statements range from honest critiques to deliberately untrue one-liners. I refer you to it only because, if used with integrity and not as a means to unfairly complain or post false information, it has the potential to provide applicants with useful feedback. 

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Geoff is honored to be selected by the FAA as a Designate Pilot Examiner (DPE). Practical tests as well as additional DPE services are available. Please scroll down this page for the section on DPE services Geoff can provide at 1N7 or at your base.

Applicant:   Joseph Schiliro (L)

Date:   August 9, 2019

​Location:   Wilmington, DE (ILG)

​Cert/Rating:   Commercial Multi Engine add on