Please make payments by check, cash, or credit card.  We accept Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.  For credit card payments, due to credit card transaction fees 3% for card and 4% for manual entry will be added to the total.

Click below for Rate Schedule           

OFC Rate Schedule 1-'17.pdf

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Pilot Shop Price List_1-'17.pdf     
Rates for some services must be set based upon the specifics of the intended operation.  If you don't see a rate for what you want just ask.  All rates subject to change without notice.  Please see rates set forth on website for most current information.

The links below should provide you with the forms you need; if you can't find what you want just let us know:

Flying & Training.pdf   Flying & Training (read before Intro Flight)
Learn to Fly Handout.pdf   Learn To Fly Handout (read before Intro Flight)
Introductory Flight.pdf   Introductory Flight Handout (read before Intro Flight)
Flight Training App & Rental Agreement.pdf   Flight Training Application & Rental Agreement (bring when signing up for  training / rental)...Primary students and those seeking new certificate or rating remember passport or birth cert and ID
Renter's Insurance Applications.pdf   Renter's Insurance Applications - AIR or AOPA (only needed before solo)...go to Rental Fleet page for info on the importance of this coverage and minimum hull coverage required


While we have a basic fee structure (see links below) we will also design a program with your personal needs in mind.  Unlike many other training centers, we have the flexibility to set an hourly or flat rate that recognizes your level of time and financial commitment.

We greatly value your dedication and loyalty to us and return that to you in the form of many discounts and incentives for referrals, for time building & specialty flights, and for nonrefundable lump sum payments on account.*

We appreciate the added financial burden when paying for multiple family members to fly; when an adult is paying for a minor on top of all other family expenses; and when a juvenile is paying for the training. 

Wheels move the body.....Wings move the soul

Therefore, we try to make it as manageable as possible for you by offering some combined cost savings when paying for multiple students and reduced rates when paying for those under 18 years old.  *Please be aware any return of funds on account will be net any discounts that had been taken and a $100 processing fee will be applied for administrative costs.

Rates & Fees / Forms

The rates and fees at ORLANDI FLIGHT CENTER are designed with the goal of making sure flying is as affordable as it can be.  Contrary to some popular opinion, it is less expensive than you may think.  If you can afford other items or activities (like dining out once a week, vacations, a boat, motorhome, skiing, golf or tennis, to name a few) then you can afford flying.  And the amount you spend on flying is not a cost, it is an INVESTMENT in an education that is similar to investing in a college degree course or professional license.  Remember also that:

- flying is easy to budget because you dictate how often you want to fly
- no large layout of funds is needed because you can pay as you go
- you don't bind yourself to do anything you can't because you can stop or slow down if financial or other life obligations requires it


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